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nysos4 – Server Upgrade

In October 2020 I upgraded the hardware of my home server. In particular I decided to upgrade my existing setup by replacing the mainboard with a ASrock J5040-ITX. I opted for this board for three reasons (loosely sorted by priority): Support for Intel Quick Sync for media trans-coding, lower TDP, and support for 4K via […]

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From Academia to Industry

A personal 3 year retrospective Since more than three years I left academia and joined adidas Runtastic as an information security engineer. In this blog posts I discuss what made me move to industry and what I learned so far. After finishing my masters in Stockholm, I worked in academia for almost 10 years. This […]

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Security Research in 2016: Measurements and Usability

My security research in 2016 focused on two broad categories: measurement-, and usability-studies. In this blog post, I briefly discuss the four most important papers we published in these domains in 2016. Data-driven security and measurement studies The Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol is the building block of secure web communication. A number of important […]