Linux Home theater PC with AMD E-450 and XBMC

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Since some years I tinker with the perfect Home theater PC (HTPC) and finally I am pretty happy with my setup. I use a Zotac AD11 PLUS with an additional external HDD Raid1. For the actual sound I use the combination of a Denon AVR-X1000 with Teufel Consono 35 Mk3 5.1 speakers.

I use Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS (trusty) on my Zotac AD11 (AMD E-450 CPU) and switched to the open source ATI radeon driver which now supports VDPAU. A post on the XBMC forum provides straightforward instructions to setup XBMC with the open source radeon driver and AMD 350/450 chipsets. I had to make two additional fixes. The opensource radeon driver does not support multichannel sound but supports pass-through of common dolby audio formats, so in order to upscale stereo sound – I relied on my Denon receiver instead of XBMC/pulseaudio. The second issue I had to solve was the constant loss of the HTPC’s HDMI signal on my TV, once I switched HDMI inputs on my Denon receiver to a different device (“no signal”).

In order to fix the HDMI issues I created a custom HDMI udev rule in:


to start a custom script upon HDMI signal changes:

KERNEL=="card0", ACTION=="change", RUN+="/home/htpc/"

The actual HDMI script simply uses xrandr to set the display output to HDMI-0.

export XAUTHORITY=/home/htpc/.Xauthority
export DISPLAY=:0.0
xrandr --output HDMI-0 --auto

Life as a post-doc

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Since I defended my PhD thesis in November 2013 I kept myself busy with writing grant proposals and also started to collaborate with the brilliant PhD students at SBA Research. One of our project proposals, on the practical usage of the TLS protocol (TLSip), has been accepted by FFG. I also started to as a lecturer at the University of Applied sciences at Sankt Pölten where I teach classes on UNIX hardening, software engineering and privacy enhancing technologies. This spring I helped to analyze the impact of the heartbleed bug on Austria. Next month I will present two papers at the SIN conference in Glasgow and attend the SysSec summer school on mobile malware.


ACM COSN at Northeastern

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The last two days I attended the first conference on online social network. I was really amazed by how the well the conference was organized and the interesting crowd of researchers it attracted. Our paper on social networking apps, was among 3-4 papers related to security and privacy issues in online social networks. As of my presentation yesterday, I also made our AppInspect Project website publicly available.
Hope to post some pics from Boston soon, if I find time for some sightseeing.

OHM2013 – Friday 2 August

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Quick update on my second day at OHM2013. We spent all Friday to hack on some scripts and participated in ebCTF. We participate in the metalab team, and I tried my luck with some of the web security challenges.


OHM2013 – Thursday 1 August

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Wir sind heute einen Tag verspätet bei der OHM2013 angekommen. Bis jetzt waren mal Rundtouren auf dem riesigen Gelände angesagt und wir haben schon einige super nette Leute getroffen. Für unser Zelt haben wir glücklicherweise einen Platz gleich neben dem Leiwandville gefunden.
Anbei ein paar Schnappschüsse vom zweiten Tag der OHM2013.