UPC IPv6 Umstellung

Vor rund drei Wochen bin ich von UPC Österreich mit einer Umstellung auf IPv6 “beglückt” worden. Wobei die Umstellung auf den Dual-Stack Lite vorab ankündigt worden ist, kam die eigentliche Umstellung für mich doch etwas überraschend. Ich hatte den Reboot des Modems bemerkt und hatte mich zuerst über mögliche Security/Performance Fixes für mein Modem gefreut. […]

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Linux Home theater PC with AMD E-450 and XBMC

Since some years I tinker with the perfect Home theater PC (HTPC) and finally I am pretty happy with my setup. I use a Zotac AD11 PLUS with an additional external HDD Raid1. For the actual sound I use the combination of a Denon AVR-X1000 with Teufel Consono 35 Mk3 5.1 speakers. I use Ubuntu […]

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Life as a post-doc

Since I defended my PhD thesis in November 2013 I kept myself busy with writing grant proposals and also started to collaborate with the brilliant PhD students at SBA Research. One of our project proposals, on the practical usage of the TLS protocol (TLSip), has been accepted by FFG. I also started to as a […]