Time to say …

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au revoir Genève!

I had a brilliant time at CERN. I could learn quite a lot and met a bunch of super-fun and fascinating people. My personal highlights included: after work editor-wars at R1, one student’s mum calling after seeing him on TV to tell him “you should shave”, one guy getting corrected on the 17th digest of PI (he calculated with some Taylor series at a party), and of course the LHC start-up.

Today I’ll go back to Austria then leave for mini-vacations to Istanbul with my beloved Ms. Fru Li and finally go back to sthlm to finish my studies.

Among all CERN celebrities (including Nobel Laureates) I chose this picture I took with alpinekat from the LHC-Rap. 🙂

LHC-CMS hacked?

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“The Telegraph reports that Greek hackers were able to gain momentary access to a CERN computer system of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) while the first particles were zipping around the particle accelerator on September 10th. “

With all this nonsense about the LHC right now, this article is not a big surprise:

In my personal opinion this article is somewhat lurid; I totally question that anyone could break into LHC(island-system) or vaguely understand how the system works/could be manipulated.

Update: Although the story already seems to have disappeared from the media, an article in the German newspaper Die Zeit aptly summed up the official report of CERN – which made once again clear that solely a web server was compromised (a plain script kiddie’s site-defacement).

CERN LHC: First beam(s)

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Yesterday the 10th of September 2008 thus the CERN LHC had its start-up and the first beam(s) were successfully circulating.  As I’m part of the ATLAS project this summer I was in the “first-row”when the first beams were injected. We watched the transmission from the CCC, inside CERN, in the main auditorium.

This video captured the vibes within the CERN crowd quite well:


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Nach Tasia, Martin & Lorenz hat mich dieses Wochenende Fritz mit einem Kurzbesuch am CERN beehrt. Dabei kam mein neues Lieblings-Kunstwort “Cosmoprolet” zur Sprache. Zwei Videos zum besseren Verständnis (Nr. 1: der gemeine KaisermĂĽhlner, Nr. 2: der weltgewandte Cosmoprolet )



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A picture I recently took at the CERN computing center of the world’s first web server:

First web server

This machine is a server DO NOT POWER DOWN!!